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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it take 2 weeks to get my glass?
Once your specific order is received it takes several days to process ALL pending orders (100's of them) - then CnC cut - then polish - then temper - then pass QC and then ship out. If all goes well it should be a 2 week process. If a problem occurs (i.e. scratch, breakage, pattern problems, etc.) then this could possibly add one additional week to your delivery time. Of all our orders more than 90% of them ship in under 2 weeks time.

How do I know if you have my specific glass needs?
We have 5,000 patterns in our computer then another 2,500 paper patterns. If we don't have your specific pattern in our system we can acquire it via other means. All glass is cut to NAG specifications (OE/stock) or can be modified to handle aftermarket applications (i.e. power windows). We handle all pre-1980 domestic vehicle glass. If the glass is extremely rare, we have or can locate N.O.S. glass specific to your needs.

Is everything I need online at your website?
Yes! All flat glass is listed on the website (glass is priced solely on size/quantity - not model specific). If we have questions (we rarely do) we will contact you prior to order processing. All curved glass pricing is submitted via email (GlassFinders button). We then circulate that to our multiple locations to find the one nearest to you: Reproduction or N.O.S. depending on your needs. No need to call us for any of the above noted.

How do I find out the status of my glass order?
It's best to send us an email off our website (Email Us button) and do not call us. If you call us it will take longer to find your glass and respond and then possibly delay the processing of your order. Why is that? Because we have 100's of pieces of glass going through the process. If you email us, our HQ will track it in the computer and get its' exact location. If you call us then we send a person out to locate and verify it manually.

Thank You, Vintage Glass Staff